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Really happy to have all 5 cottages quality graded as 4 star by Tourism NI – yet again! Thank you TNI 🙂

We opened Rose Cottage (above) for guests 15 years ago – hard to believe!! The original dwelling house on the hill farm, Rose has over 200 years of history, has seen many changes and has lots of stories to tell.

The hundreds of guests who have passed through the red doors have enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing stay. They’ve loved the huge open fire, the quaint original features and the cosiness of the rooms – the thick stone walls are still doing their job centuries later! The little orchard garden out front is a great place to sit in to watch the sunrise over the sea.

Mill, Stable, Blackthorn and Ringcladdy Cottage have their own stories and individual character – and all are waiting for you to visit! Looking forward to welcoming you soon!! 🙂

If you’re interested in booking a stay at Slievemoye Cottages, get in touch!